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If you are struggling to become pregnant, Shannon M. Gilmore, M.D. and Mobile Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Center PC may have the solutions you need. Our practice specializes in female reproductive medicine and fertility. Our proven treatments have helped many women have the families that they have always wanted.

The first step in finding treatment for infertility is to call us at 251-461-9914 to schedule an appointment. Same-day appointments are available, so call us today.
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Defining Infertility

The simplest medical definition of infertility is not being able to become pregnant after a year of trying. Infertility also includes repeated miscarriages or stillbirths. In our clinic, we treat a wide range of infertility problems.

Infertility is more common than you may think. About 15% of couples are unable to conceive after a year of unprotected sex. In about one third of these cases, infertility can be traced to the woman. In another third of the cases, infertility can be traced to the man. In the remaining third, either no cause can be found or the cause can be traced to both partners.

We will work with you and your partner to find the cause. Treatments may be designed for the man or the woman, and some may involve both partners. When you visit our practice, we will explore all the available treatments.
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Assisted reproductive technology
  • Surgery
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Infertility Treatments

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