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One of the most exciting areas of modern medical science is regenerative medicine. Shannon M. Gilmore, M.D., and Mobile Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Center PC are exploring this state-of-the-art science every day, and you can experience its benefits when you come to us for treatment.
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Teaching Your Body to Heal Itself

Regenerative medicine focuses on reprogramming your body's own cells to repair the root causes of certain health problems. Rather than applying palliative medications or using devices to merely alleviate the symptoms of diseases, injuries, and congenital conditions, regenerative medicine treats the cause.

The origins of regenerative medicine are decades old — they include bone marrow and organ transplants — but today's practices are at the forefront of medical science. They have applications in immunology, cell biology, developmental biology, and more.

We found that regenerative medicine is most effective in repairing tissues that have been damaged due to age or injury. To learn more about regenerative medicine, please call us at 251-461-9914.
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